Brexit Brink: Are British SMEs about to fall off the edge of Europe?

Brexit Brink: Are British SMEs 
about to fall off the edge of Europe?

New Research from Amaiz on readiness of SMEs and the Key Issues

News Release | London | 3rd November 2020

With less than a month to go before the Brexit deadline, Amaiz has published a new report on the readiness of SMEs to face the blizzard of new import and export procedures, customs duties, import VAT, standards, data regulations, financial services arrangements, and a host of other changes. The report, Brexit Brink: Are British SMEs about to fall off the edge of Europe – or building new bridges? is based on a survey of SMEs across the UK and highlights their main concerns as the end of the transition looms.

The results are more positive than was expected and show that small businesses are defying expectations; most are ready to hit the ground running at midnight on 31 December – even if they are not happy about it.

Overall 57% of companies believe that Brexit will have some negative impact on their business and some (6.6%) believe it will destroy their business. There are discernible differences in businesses’ ability to prepare for the coming changes – with smaller companies employing between 1 and 10 people concerned about increased costs (45.7%) and those with staff of between 11 and 50 about taxes and VAT (41.3%).

At the same time, many smaller businesses feel immune to the impact and plan to carry on regardless: nearly half (47.7%) of companies employing from 1 to 10 people do not think Brexit will have any effect on them at all.

Most surprisingly, more than half of SMEs (51.4%) say communication from ministers about what Brexit will mean for their companies has been helpful.

Steve Taklalsingh, MD UK Business at Amaiz commented; “Financial services will be one of sectors hardest hit by Brexit. We’ve had a long time to prepare, the worry remains over the uncertainty over the deal, which is still not finalised.”

The research concludes that the overwhelming concern of the UK’s SMEs is the continuing impact of COVID-19 on their businesses – not Brexit. A large majority of SMEs (62.4%) say the pandemic is likely to affect them more in 2021 than Brexit (17.3%).

The report is available free to download.


Steve Taklalsingh is available to comment on the report and where SMEs can go to for last minute advice.

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The survey was carried out by 3Gem at end of November 2020.  500 responses were received from sole traders and micro business owners across the UK. The report was written and researched in association with Onyx Media and Communications Ltd.

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