Download: The Brexit Brink

Download: The Brexit Brink

With less than a month to go before the Brexit deadline, we've just published our full report on the readiness of SMEs to face the blizzard of changes coming their way:

"The Brexit Brink: Are British SMEs about to fall off the edge of Europe – or building new bridges?"  

Although talks to negotiate a deal between the UK and EU are ongoing, we know that 31 December will bring a wide range of changes to the way companies do business. It will impact import and export procedures, customs duties, VAT, standards, data regulations, financial services arrangements, and many other areas.

So what do businesses think of what lies ahead, and are they prepared?

This report draws together data from SMEs across the UK and expert insight, to highlight the hopes and concerns of UK business as the end of the transition period looms. It's an unmissable record of the current state of play.

Click to download the full report.

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