The Most Important Marketing Metrics to Track

The Most Important Marketing Metrics to Track

Metrics, Metrics, Metrics. We all know how important it is to measure and assess marketing performance, but where do you start?

The world of marketing metrics is a rich and extensive one. Metrics work on multiple levels and in multiple ways, whether they are tracking efficiency, performance, progress or quality. If you are dreaming of a perfect metric matrix that allows you to seamlessly measure and assess countless facets of your marketing activity, where do you start?

We understand how overwhelming it can be when you start to track metrics, especially if you’re completely new to the marketing and advertising game. Metrics are amazing tools that will increase sales and help you to maximize your advertising budget if used correctly. We’ve put together this short guide to help you navigate the sea of acronyms and statistics around them. These are some of the key marketing metrics you should be paying attention to, broken down by category.

Social media metrics

Social media is a great way to market your business. You should be tracking:


Measuring engagement isn’t just limited to how many likes your post receives, although that is still an important metric. You should also pay close attention to the number of comments your content generates, especially if you have posts that specifically ask for feedback. A high number of comments suggest that people took the time to read your post in its entirety - and that’s the kind of quality engagement you’re after.

Cost metrics

Cost metrics play an important role in understanding your overall marketing budget. Depending on your industry and business function, different cost metrics will apply. For example, an ecommerce site should pay attention to Cost Per Order (CPO) whereas a small shop owner with a physical store who wants to increase web traffic is more interested in Cost Per Click (CPC).


This metric is relevant to both pay-per-click ads and social media ads that allow you to click-to-site. It simply measures the cost of one click. When looking at your marketing budget, you want to make sure that your cost per click is as low as reasonably possible because it will allow you to stretch your budget further.

Campaign metrics

General metrics

This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means, but these metrics are a good place to start. Each business has metrics that best suit its model and are particularly relevant to its goals, but there are some that every company should keep an eye on. We hope this guide helps ease you into the world of marketing metrics and how they can maximize your campaigns. Dip your toes and you’ll be swimming the marketing metric sea like a pro in no time.

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