FreeAgent integration with Amaiz to make accounting easy

FreeAgent integration with Amaiz to make accounting easy

We’re excited to announce that from today the Amaiz app will link directly with FreeAgent.

FreeAgent is a leading online accounting software service, tailor-made for self-employed contractors, freelancers and UK start-ups. By integrating this software with Amaiz you can closely manage your business accounts, complete timesheets, forecast your tax or VAT, and file self assessment directly with HMRC.

Whether you balance the books yourself, outsource your accounting, or employ an in-house expert, managing business finances can be complex and demanding. But with FreeAgent, integrated with Amaiz, everything is handled for you. You can automatically build real-time financial reports for your business with hardly any effort from your side.

Welcome to accounting integration

Our team has set a goal to minimise the time you need to spend on accounting - and we believe we have the answer. Amaiz with FreeAgent effortlessly integrates your business account with your accounting, so you have a cloud-based digital record wherever you need it. Using FreeAgent is incredibly simple and can reduce your admin to just a couple of hours a month, or less.

How do I access FreeAgent?

FreeAgent API allows us to send your Amaiz transaction feed directly to a FreeAgent account without you having to do the work yourself. It only takes a few swipes and taps to connect your Amaiz account. All you need is your smartphone with the Amaiz app installed, plus your FreeAgent login details.

FreeAgent API and the Amaiz app. How does it work?

Because we got rid of the middleman and integrated with FreeAgent directly, you can be sure your personal data is safe and protected. There’s no chance of it being lost, as we connect both services directly without any third parties. In the unlikely chance something goes wrong, we’ll take note of whatever has already been posted and will import the rest once the connection is back up.

Does it help with Making Tax Digital?

Absolutely. FreeAgent is Making Tax Digital (MTD) compatible, which means it will organise your numbers in an MTD-friendly way. Government schemes such as Making Tax Digital aim to make accounting more streamlined and user-friendly - but they can leave sole traders scratching their heads about how best to balance the books. However, using Amaiz allows you to focus on your day to day admin while FreeAgent deals with the rest.

What if I use different accounting software?

If FreeAgent is not your preferred choice for bookkeeping, you can export a CSV account statement and import it pretty much anywhere. In this article, you’ll find a guide for integrating Xero, Sage, Quickfile, Wave, Zoho Books, and QuickBooks. While these platforms may not integrate as seamlessly as FreeAgent, they are still less time-consuming than adding transfers one by one. Because our mission is to reduce the time you spend on bookkeeping, we are currently working on making even more accounting services available for integration.

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Support with the numbers

Don’t forget our UK-based team of accountants is on hand to respond quickly and personally to any question you have about your small business accounts. If you choose to use FreeAgent support too, their experts can help make sure you’re getting the best possible experience from their software.

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