Covid-19 Update: How Amaiz is helping our customers

Covid-19 Update: How Amaiz is helping our customers

We’re here for you

As the situation develops we know that small businesses have many concerns, not least the continued uncertainty. The coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone personally and professionally, but we want you to know that it’s business as usual at Amaiz.

Our banking services will continue as normal. We have made sure that you can still access your account and contact our customer service team 24/7. We’re a flexible, digital company and we’ve taken steps to ensure that the unexpected doesn’t derail us or you.

The latest news

We’re keeping an eye on the situation as it develops. As well as ensuring our services are open, we’ll be tracking the [latest news link to: Blog 2] and letting you know about government measures that will affect the UK economy and small business in the following days and weeks. Make sure you’re signed up to receive the latest from the Amaiz Journal and follow us on Twitter.

App access

Your app is accessible around the clock, capturing the latest transactions, pushing notifications and allowing you to create and track invoices as usual. We have a number of new features lined up for this spring, built to enhance your bookkeeping and admin, and we don’t anticipate any disruption to our release schedule.

24/7 support

Our support won’t change either. Our Customer Care team is there for you on phone, via email and in-app, all day long. If you have queries about your account, they’re there to help.

Working from home

The challenges your business face are changing daily. We’ve built the same features across our app and web portal, so you can move from one to the other with ease, depending on your situation.

Things to be aware of when out and about

The situation is changing daily and we’ll keep you apprised of changes that affect you. As it stands, you should note:

Topping up at Post Offices

While the majority of Post Office branches remain open, some are temporarily closed. This number is revised daily and you can check on the status of your local branch on the Post Office website.

Your prepaid card

Mastercard® is anticipating an increase in chargeback claims, especially connected to travel and entertainment transactions. Before filing for a chargeback, we would advise all customers to:

The same service

You can rely on Amaiz to continue to bring you:

We look forward to providing you with continued support in these and more settled times.

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