Budget 2020: What does it mean for small business?

Budget 2020: What does it mean for small business?

We’ve pulled together the headlines that affect the self-employed, sole traders and small business from this week’s Budget.

“Better news for small business as budget tackles Coronavirus fears head on”

It wasn’t a surprise that Coronavirus dominated the 2020 Budget. Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced wide ranging emergency measures to combat the expected economic effects as the UK rapidly moves into a ‘delay’ phase.

What does that mean for you?

Help is on the way for millions of self-employed workers and small businesses owners in the form of grace and favour grants, loans, flexible payment options, sick pay, and exemptions from business rates. These measures are designed to help small businesses cope more easily with cashflow problems if their trading slows or their staff are sick.

Undoubtedly, the coming weeks and months are going to be an anxious time for sole traders, limited companies, retailers and gig workers as well as anyone in need of welfare support if work dries up.

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How the 2020 Budget boost helps small businesses

Other headlines

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