Amaiz for business has landed - Get support for what inspires you!

Amaiz for business has landed -
Get support for what inspires you!

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Amaiz - our brand new, specialist service for UK solopreneurs. Amaiz brings together a business current account with a smartphone app, giving you dedicated, 24/7 support plus the tools you need to succeed. Our all-in-one business banking app aims to free you from admin and paperwork by bringing together fast, convenient business banking with smart back office and accounting tools. From creating and sending invoices to recording and sorting your expenses, everything becomes easier on the go. So you can focus on the day job and get back to what really inspires you.

As well as being a highly convenient and seamless way to simplify and tidy up your business finances, our app also makes self-assessment a doddle. In fact, you may be able to dispense with the services of a separate accountant altogether - if you have a question, our accounting experts can pick it up in the app and send you a personal response.

In your corner

With Amaiz banking for solopreneurs you can chat to our human support team in the app, or even ask our accountants a question. Our 24/7 Customer Care team is on the website and in the app, whenever you need them. They’d love to learn what you like, anything you’re not sure about and what we might do better. They’ll also take any questions around signing up, downloading the app, onboarding, or how the app works.

Get Amaiz free for three months!

Trying Amaiz free for three months is a great way to get your business in shape over the summer - and you’ll be helping us deliver the best possible service for solopreneurs like you. Join as a First Mover and you won’t pay a penny until September.

Download and experience Amaiz now

Better services for UK Solopreneurs

Free trials of Amaiz for solopreneurs roll until September, after which a flat monthly fee of £9.99 will apply for everything, with no hidden fees, transaction costs or surprises.

We look forward to saying hello in the app!

The Amaiz team

Amaiz App

Download now!

And you can open a business account with all the support you need in minutes.

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